Friday Fitspo: Jada Pinkett Smith

Friday Fitspo: Jada Pinkett Smith


via Health

Need a little motivation to stick to your guns this weekend? Look no further than the lovely, fantastically fit, Jada Pinkett Smith. The 43-year-old actress, musician and mom is glowing in the October issue of Health. (more…)

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Fit Hits of the Week 9.25

Fit Hits of the Week 9.25 - How Lebron got skinny, the evolution of workout clothes & a hamster wheel work desk.

Here is this week’s round up of fit news to know:

lebron slim

via Instagram @kingjames

  • Lebron James proved what most of us already knew; you can lose a ton of weight by cutting carbs, sugar and dairy. Check out how slim he is now. – Business Insider
  • Pure Barre has launched a new activewear line in connection with sport apparel company Split59. It’s pretty snazzy. –
  • The 2014 Mr. Olympiabodybuilding…

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Plyo legs this morn! Starting it off with sweat. 💦💦 💪💪 #plyo #cardio #fitness #fitblr #sweat #train #fitchic #fitnessgirls #instagramfitness #workout #ratherbeeating
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Topic Tuesday: No One Cares That You Never Work Out

Topic Tuesday: No One Cares That You “Never Work Out”


“Oh, I never go to the gym. I hate working out.”

Everyone has heard someone complain this way before, and I don’t mean someone who wants to get in shape but doesn’t know how. I’m referring to people who announce this as an “accomplishment,” as if they pity the lowly peasant confined to whip their bodies into shape by actually MOVING AROUND.

To those of us who care about fitness, it’s like a slap…

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A Sexy Spin Class in France [video]


Ever dread your cardio workout? What would you consider some good motivation? How about a strip tease?

Some passersby in France got a sexy surprise when they decided to try out some stationary bikes that had been posted at a public building in this commercial for Contrex, a French Nestle Brand affiliate that makes fitness water and other products.

The faster the ladies pedaled, the racier the…

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Morning sweat!! 💦💦 #fastedcardio #sweat #getlean #ratherbeeating #fitchic #fitblr
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Fit Hits of the Week 9.18

Fit Hits of the Week 9.18 - Apple Watch takeover, rewiring cravings & deadly birth control via

Here is this week’s round up of fit news for you to know.

via apple

via apple

  • Will the Apple Watch wipe out fitness trackers for good? – Mashable
  • Can you rewire your brain to crave healthy food? – Today Show
  • How one woman’s birth control almost killed her. –
  • 7 bad habits that are ruining your workout. – HuffPost
  • Ralph Lauren may be working on a fitness-tracking shirt. You care. – Mashable


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Glow in the dark workout. Good morning!!! #ratherbeeating #igfit #fitblr #workout #abs #glutes #back #instagramfitness #werk #fitstyle #fitfashion #fitchic
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Topic Tuesday: What should you eat after a workout? 
Whether you are looking to lose weight or make lean gains, the answer is on the blog at (Link in bio). Check out these great meal suggestions with an explanation of why they really work! Don’t ruin your hard work by eating the wrong things. Check it out now! 
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Topic Tuesday: What to Eat After a Workout

Topic Tuesday: What to Eat After a Workout (hint: carbs are ok!)

photo 3 (1)

You know the feeling. The high of endorphines from a great workout, the relief that it’s over and the contentment that you put in WORK. And then there is the hunger.

This isn’t regular hunger. This is that ‘suddenly my stomach is eating my back’ hunger. You need to eat, NOW. But what can you eat that won’t ruin the hard work you just put in?

Before choosing your post-workout meal, there are two…

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